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Read this and You Can Pretend You are in My Brain

Read this and You Can Pretend You are in My Brain:

Here are some recent thinks:
  • A name for a company that cleans up mildew: Mildon’t
  • I just saw “free range eggs” on the menu of this diner. Why would anyone put eggs in cages in the first place?
  • Apple should come out with a new edible (and healthy) tablet. They could call it the Vegetablet.
  • Attilapia: A brutal military leader of the nation of tilapia fish.
  • Even more assinine than “assinine”: Assini…

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We are Waves

We are Waves, a poem:

We are, all of us, waves in the ocean

Made of the stuff around us

Connected to the stuff around us

Brought to life by energy

Always in motion, never still

Having some measure of influence on our surroundings

As quickly as we are formed, we disappear

Some fade gently away

Others crash spectacularly

And we are immediately reabsorbed


Click the daisy:


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My greatest Punk Rock triumph: a 3-day outdoor music festival in an Indiana corn field.


tie me up, baby
and tell me you love me

indiana coving indiana. the panics & the gizmos fucking rüle.

Father-Son Cookbook

Father-Son Cookbook:

My very 2nd Daisybrain post, written in September, 2009, was Father-Son Cookbook. It was my first real post, since the one preceding it was just an announcement that I was starting this blog. It was a short post about how rude a publisher was when they rejected my father-son cookbook idea. Back then, the cookbook was just a loose compilation of letters, emails and recipes. But I am thrilled to my…

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July & July 

Why is the month of July (Jü-l) pronounced differently that the given name, July (Jü-l)? The reason these two heterographs (words with different meanings and sounds that are spelled the same) confuse me is that they both come from Julius Ceasar. In fact, the given name comes from the month, just like the name “April” comes from a month. Back in Ceasar’s day, there wasn’t a letter…

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The Soul of a Fly

The Soul of a Fly:

So there I was, walking my dog on a hot summer day, when a fly repeatedly approached me and landed on my hand. I had been practicing thoughts of universal love, which I sometimes do on my dog walks, so maybe the fly was attracted to my benevolent nature. That, or my dog and I were so tired and sweaty that we smelled like we might keel over dead at any moment and be good eating for a fly. In…

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RIP Tommy Ramone, the last surviving member of the original group. #TommyRamone #Ramones


RIP Tommy Ramone, the last surviving member of the original group. #TommyRamone #Ramones


Please, John, forgive me for all the hurt that I’ve caused you.

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